What if we could transform MR?

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The world’s first
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What if...

MRI could be brought to the patient, rather than the patient to MRI?

Hyperfine envisions Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems that are portable – able to generate images in places never thought possible. Imagine MRI directly at the bedside - no need for a shielded room. The system can operate wherever there is a power outlet. Acoustic noise levels tolerable by any patient or bystander.  MRI at the Point of Care, where meaningful decisions can be made on the spot.  

What if...

100% of the world could access MRI?

Hyperfine is on a path to change the MRI accessibility paradigm. MRI is the most informative imaging modality.  But only a fraction of patients around the world can actually benefit from MRI today, and 4.7 billion people cannot. MRI systems are expensive and require complex infrastructure and sophisticated personnel support. Hyperfine’s mission is to make MRI accessible to every patient regardless of income or resources. Anywhere, anytime.

What if...

The cost of an MRI system could be lowered to a mere fraction?

Hyperfine is reinventing MRI technology – by using computing power, not electrical power. We leverage innovations in green electronics to design MRI systems that are far lighter and far less power hungry, at unheard of price points. The result? Making MRI affordable on an unprecedented level – globally.

What if...

An MRI exam could be conducted as if it were a playlist on your iPad?

Hyperfine is about simplicity. Making a good MRI image requires in-depth training, and is more difficult than it has to be. With Hyperfine, MRI data sets can be uploaded to the cloud, ready for the next available teleradiology consultation. Built-in Artificial Intelligence, based on the latest in deep learning, helps with image interpretation and makes Hyperfine easy to use.

What if...

Your loved one could hold your hand while you get your MRI?

Hyperfine is about kindness and caring. When you get an MRI, it can be scary. But it does not have to be that way. Your child or a critically ill loved one might want your soothing presence when scanned. Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable as well? Seeing someone you care about disappear in the dark bore of any old MRI no longer needs to be the case.


Creating a system
that learns
with each use.

Hyperfine applies state-of-the-art machine learning methods to create and annotate mage that even novices can interpret. When a clinician corrects an analysis, the instrument learns and improves with each use. And images can be analyzed in the cloud, bringing telemedicine to low-resources settings around the world.

Hyperfine is on a journey to eliminate the what ifs

We invite you to join us on this journey.

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