Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I see a Hyperfine MRI in action?

Yes! You can see us at an upcoming trade show or event or if you would like to schedule a meeting or visit, please contact us.

How do I buy a Hyperfine MRI Device?

Our POC MRI Scanner is undergoing FDA review and is 510(k) pending. It is not currently for sale in the United States.

I’m conducting clinical research. Can I buy the Hyperfine MRI Device?

The Hyperfine POC MRI scanner can be purchased for clinical research for use under IRB guidance. Please contact us.

Will the Hyperfine MRI be available outside of the US?

We will be applying for additional regulatory clearance in markets around the world. 

Are you FDA cleared and what will it be cleared for?

We are 510k pending and expect clearance in early 2020. Our first FDA application is for scanning the head of patients two years and older.